Run Apps up to 16X Faster at a Lower TCO
Lightbits versus Ceph

Cloud operating models and cloud-native architectures have redefined how applications, storage, and networks interact within the data center just as much as they have in the public cloud. To meet these new challenges, enterprises are turning to software-defined storage to build modern data platforms for their private clouds.
While Ceph has emerged as a popular software-defined storage option, it’s challenged to scale up to meet the demands of storage-intensive workloads in AI, eCommerce, financial services, and more. That’s where Lightbits with the power of NVMe/TCP shines.
Read this whitepaper to learn how Lightbits block storage delivers 16x better performance than Ceph in a Kubernetes environment, plus enterprise resiliency and data management with efficiencies that reduce your overall TCO.

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