What's Holding Back Your Cloud Migration to AVS?

Azure VMware Solution
Microsoft Azure

Lightbits gives you a more efficient way to run your storage-intensive workloads on Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

With Lightbits, you can provision fast block storage that dynamically scales as business demand increases, without the expense of deploying additional ESXi servers. 

Certified by VMware and fully integrated with AVS, Lightbits storage is ideal for virtualized databases–Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB–and other applications that demand consistent sub-millisecond latency and scalable throughput.

Let us show you how you can:

  • Give your apps the lowest latency storage option available on AVS
  • Control AVS storage costs with simple, predictable pricing
  • Improve application availability with multi-AZ support
  • Enable multi-tenancy across multiple Azure workloads and environments

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