Migrate Storage-Intensive Workloads to the Cloud

Make the Switch and Migrate Critical, High‑I/O Workloads to the Public Cloud

Lightbits recently conducted a survey of storage professionals to gauge their experiences and expectations for cloud storage.

When asked, “What do you consider to be your biggest storage challenge today?,” 49% cited “High cost of ownership.” 

Enterprises have migrated some – but not all – of their workloads to public cloud platforms. In most cases, the workloads that have migrated to the cloud are non-critical workloads with predictable input/output (I/O) requirements. 

Factors holding them back from migrating their critical, highly variable workloads with spiking I/O density to the cloud include:

  • Unpredictable costs
  • Inadequate performance
  • Lack of flexibility

Download this whitepaper to understand the challenges for storage in the public cloud, and how Lightbits can help you overcome the limitations of the public cloud for storage-intensive workloads.

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Download the Whitepaper

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