NVMe® Momentum in the Enterprise

Today we look at an evaluation of AMD versus Nvidia GPUs for HPC applications, we also consider infrastructure for AI in production drug discovery, and in a completely different direction, we talk to Danny Shapiro, head of automotive at Nvidia about the datacenter requirements for future autonomous vehicles. Also on the program we feature insight about the state of NVMe adoption with Lightbits Labs and we end the show with some level-setting from Ampere Computing.

Cheat Sheet:

   2:08 Drug Discovery and the Compute/Storage Requirements with Kris Howard, Systems Lead, Recursion Pharmaceutical
11:16 NVMe Momentum in Enterprise from the Lightbits Labs Perspective with Josh Goldenhar
22:40 The Datacenter and Compute Backend for Autonomous Cars with Nvidia’s Director of Automotive, Danny Shapiro
32:02 AMD Verus Nvidia GPUs for Sparse Linear Algebra and HPC with Hartwig Antz.
37:26 Checking in the Ampere Computing, with Jeff Wittich

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