Analyst Report

Intel, Lightbits Labs, and VMware Accelerate Private Clouds

A High-performance Solution for Virtualized Environments Leveraging NVMe®/TCP


For a modern business, competitive success requires scalable, highly efficient IT operations. Complexity, however, is hindering success.

It’s a tough situation: IT organizations are struggling to modernize their IT infrastructures at the same time they are trying to simplify operational management activities enough to allow them to react as fast as they need to.

In this white paper, we discuss IT modernization/simplification using the specification known as non-volatile memory express (NVM Express® or NVMe®) on top of an easily available TCP/IP software stack. Using NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP) supports efficient, streamlined block storage optimized for today’s multi-core application servers. It maximizes the value of high-performance NVMe-based flash storage systems by extending the low-latency benefits of NVMe across the network to the application while simplifying network infrastructure management.