Lightbits: Disaggregated, Hyperscale On-Premises Storage

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Lightbits brings the scale, resilience, and flexibility of cloud-based storage to on-premises data centers via its software-defined approach to abstracting any brand of NVMe Flash storage.

Lightbits’ secret sauce: the NVMe/TCP protocol, which enables the company to build NVMe storage fabrics using standard TCP/IP over Ethernet. These fabrics can support thousands of virtual volumes as necessary.

The result is a better cost/performance combination than direct attached storage, storage-area networks, or cloud-based storage. Lightbits also builds in as failover and recovery capabilities and extends the lifetime of solid-state storage technology.

While the use of TCP/IP adds a modest latency overhead, it is minimal for storage fabrics within single data centers.

Lightbits’ offering consists entirely of software, and it works with any brand of NVMe, enabling customers to ‘bring their own’ NVMe to the fabric.

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