Intel has signed a partnership with Lightbits Labs

Intel last night announced the signing of an agreement with the Israeli company Labs Lightbits, which aims to drive the development of distributed storage solutions designed to solve the challenges of today’s data centers, which face the challenges of total cost of ownership (TCO) as a result of increased storage capabilities and equipment performance. The strategic partnership between the companies includes cooperation in the field of engineering as well as Intel Capital’s investment in Labs Lightbits. Lightbits’ LightOS product provides high-performance shared storage on data servers while providing high availability and read-write management designed to maximize the value of Flash-based storage. The LightOS product, fully adapted to Intel hardware, provides its customers with a solution that significantly streamlines data storage while increasing storage resource utilization and maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure without compromising performance and simplicity of operation.

In the near future Labs Lightbits intends to improve the storage solution defined in LightOS software, for Intel technologies and create a solution consisting of software and hardware adapted to each other. The system will utilize Intel® Optane permanent memory and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs based on Intel® QLC technology, Intel® Xeon® scalable processors with unique built-in (AI) acceleration capabilities and Intel® Ethernet 800 network adapters with turnkey technology Application (ADQ). It will also help Intel’s FPGAs improve next-generation performance, flexibility and programming.

In addition to the technical collaboration between the two companies, Lightbits Labs and Intel are collaborating to provide complete solutions to customers and develop the economic system that will drive widespread adoption of these innovations. As a first example of the potential performance benefits offered by collaboration between the companies in the Lightbits labs demonstrated LightOS NVMe storage over TCP (NVMe-oF / TCP) storage with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) performance when accelerated with an Intel® Ethernet 800 network adapter in technology ADQ. ADQ allows NVMe-oF / TCP to achieve distributed storage performance in the same range as RDMA-based protocols, while NVMe-oF / TCP allows wide adoption because of its ease of deployment and expansion.

The results show an improvement of up to 30% in predicting response time, up to 50% reduction in average response time and up to 70% increase in throughput as measured in IOPS when using ADQ compared to without ADQ. The integrated solution from Lightbits and Intel will provide cloud storage capability with improved price performance, ease of application, availability and scalability.

“Intel is an industry leader with deep expertise in data center technologies, innovative products, global sales capability and an impressive economic system,” said Eran Kirzner, CEO of Labs Lightbits and co-founder. “We are pleased to partner with Intel, and our joint solutions will pave the way for the creation of new ROIs for enterprise customers and cloud service users.” Intel said that its investment in Lightbits Lab will be used by the company to accelerate the development of its products and its capabilities to bring its products to market.

Lightbits Labs is one of the companies established with the help of entrepreneur and investor Avigdor Vilenz. Among its many successes in the past stand out companies that have been added to the name Labs, including Anapurna Labs (sold to Amazon for $ 400 million) and Habana Labs (sold to Intel for $ 2 billion). Acquisitions of Israeli chip companies.

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