Get Your Hands-On NVMe/TCP at Flash Memory Summit!


August 5 – August 8 // Santa Clara

You’ll learn how to bring hyperscale agility and simplicity to data center storage.

Flash Memory Summit has grown rapidly to become a major event for the computer storage industry, covering everything from applications and architectures through enterprise storage, controllers, and new technologies. It covers the latest and greatest, including 3-D flash, NVMe and NVMe-oF, persistent memory, new non-volatile technologies (such as 3DXPoint and MRAM), controllers, enterprise applications, and market research.

Storage Disaggregation Without the Drama

Chat with Flash Memory Summit speakers, Sagi Grimberg, the author of the NVMe/TCP standard, Orit Wasterman, Principal Architect, and Alex Shpiner, Systems Architect to learn:

  • What you need to consider when planning to migrate existing applications from SCSI to NVMe or deploying new applications with NVMe-oF
  • New fabrics functionalities, such as the NVMe-oF/TCP transport, and how they are like to be used
  • How to guarantee QoS of service deployments in cloud environments
  • How to increase the endurance of QLC SSDs up to 3x
  • and more!

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Attend the First Hands On NVMe/TCP Workshop

Attend this hands on session for a self-guided tour of NVMe/TCP. You will learn not just the theory of NVMe/TCP but also the practice of using it in a cloud data center and will test how to connect to remote NVMe/TCP block devices for use with applications by spinning up Linux VMs that will use NVMe/TCP to connect to Lightbits LightOS servers in the Packet cloud.

Pre-conference session registration (Seminar E) and laptops required.

Featured Presentations

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 6th, 8:30-10:50
Session Reference #: AMARCH-101-1
Session Description:

Modern NVMe SSDs are marvels of engineering with highly complex behaviors. Each on its own, they work well enough. But what if you could harness many SSDs together and have them work as a team? Then you would have something truly extraordinary. At FMS’19, Lightbits is happy to present for the first time Lightbits LightOS and its Global FTL. LightOS is the Lightbits software defined storage solution. In addition to the industry’s first and best NVMe/TCP target, it also includes a Global FTL (GFTL) that turns any server with a bunch of NVMe SSDs into a lean, mean storage serving machine. The GFTL drives multiple SSDs in concert with each SSD working at its optimal working point. It delivers from the combined pool of SSDs higher IOPs and up to 10x better latencies than each SSD working on its own. It also provides NVMe/TCP clients with data protection through distributed erasure coding, data reduction, thin provisioning, QoS, support for QLC SSDs, and more. We will cover the architecture and design of the LightOS GFTL and will show that when it comes to NVMe SSDs united under the LightOS Global FTL, the sum truly is greater than its parts.

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 6th 3:40-4:45 PM
Session Reference #: NVME-102A-1
Session Description:
The NVM Express Management Interface (NVMe-MI) specification defines a standardized framework for managing NVMe storage devices and enclosures. The specification defines an architecture, command set, and out-of-band transport mapping used by NVMe hosts or management controllers to manage NVMe elements. This presentation provides an introduction to the NVMe-MI 1.1 specification and an overview of new items being standardized for NVMe-MI 1.2. NVMe over Fabrics 1.1 is the latest version of the NVMe over Fabrics standard that accompanies the NVMe 1.4 standard. This combination introduces important new fabrics functionality such as the NVMe-oF/TCP transport and ANA (Asymmetric Namespace Access) Multipathing. Come hear about all the new fabrics functionality and how it’s likely to be used from three key authors of these standards.
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 7th 8:30-10:50 AM
Session Reference #: NVME-201-1
Session Description:
NVMe SSDs with QLC NAND offer higher density at lower costs than TLC SSDs albeit with lower write performance and reduced endurance. This makes QLC attractive but unsuitable for workloads with non-negligible write activity. LightOS, the new software-defined storage solution from Lightbits Labs, comes to the rescue. With its global FTL, data reduction, and data protection capabilities, it can increase the endurance of QLC SSDs up to 3x and achieve TLC levels of performance with QLC SSDs. In this talk, we will cover both the promise and challenges of QLC-based SSDs. We will show how LightOS with QLC SSDs delivers on the promise and overcomes the challenges.
Date & Time: Wednesday, August 7th, 4:35-5:40 PM
Session Reference #: NVME-202B-1
Session Description:
In this panel session we will discuss application and use case examples leveraging NVMe-oF. Which improvements should you expect with NVMe-oF and how does this apply to different types of applications? Learn from early adopters’ implementations of NVMe-oF, and what you need to consider when planning to migrate existing applications from SCSI to NVMe or deploying new applications with NVMe-oF. We will complete the session with a peek into the future of how NVMe-oF can enable new application use cases.
Date & Time: Thursday, August 8th, 2:10-3:25 PM
Session Reference #: NVMF-302A-1
Session Description:
Providing QoS guarantees is a major task of service deployments in cloud environments. NVMe over TCP is the latest novel trend in the world of storage, combining the disciplines of storage and networking. Each has its own QoS challenges, and their combination makes it even more complex. In this talk, issues such as head-of-line blocking, differential services, storage overload, and throughput guarantees for the mixed workloads will be discussed. The talk will show how these can be addressed in a software defined storage system – and specifically discuss the separation of NVMe connections over TCP sockets, and a multi-threaded arbitration algorithm to enable differentiated service. With this approach, a data center provider can assure (and charge for) each NVMe/TCP volume with different service guarantees.

ICC in Partnership with Lightbits Labs will be Showcasing a New NVMe/TCP Solution

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